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Photo Editing Services

Hi there! Thanks again for considering me as your private photo editor! I know how daunting and overwhelming the outsourcing process can be. I 100% get it. You're handing over work that is the core of your business. So, I completely understand and respect how important of a decision this is for you! I want to give you the most amazing experience and give you the freedom you need to have time to relax or to make more time for more clients. 

With our photo editing, we offer a traditional, more natural, style with pops of color. We like images that look natural with bold bright colors that are not over done. We lean towards more bright than pastel, but really depends on the photos. With our photo editing we offer the following:

             -color adjustments 

            -white balance adjustment

           -exposure/contrast correction

          -preset application (yours or mine)

          -easy file transfer


Any major retouching or masking would be an extra charge. We can use our presets or we can use your favorite presets. We can edit your photos only or we can edit and cull (choose) your images for you. Each catalog is a one time edit.

If you really would love to see consistent edits from me please make sure to send at least 3-5 anchor images with each catalog. But don't worry,  I will help you along the way and give you all the directions you need to make the whole process seamless and easy.  Once I learn your style, then anchor images may not be necessary.

Whether it's weddings or portraits or both we've got you covered. With our photo editing, we charge a per image rate as you can see below.

Photo Editing Only- $.35/image

Photo Editing & Culling-$.45/image

Advanced Photo Editing Only- $.50/image
(skin smoothing-i.e. newborns, acne, wrinkles, eye enhancement)

Advanced Photo Editing & Culling- $.65/image

(skin smoothing-i.e. newborns, acne, wrinkles, eye enhancement)

See example below:

1,000 images x $.35/image=$350

Smaller Portrait Sessions Editing Only
(50 images or less)-$35

Smaller Portrait Sessions Editing & Culling
(50 images or less)-$35

Advanced Portrait Sessions Editing Only
(50 images of less)-$55

Advanced Portrait Sessions Editing & Culling

(50 images of less)-$65

For major retouching or detailed work please email for a quote.


Not sure yet? 

Schedule a complimentary Trial-Run photo edit to set if we are a good fit.

(10 images)

Trial-Run Editing


Ready to Get on Board?

Just click below to get started with the on-boarding process. We look forward to working with you!


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